Welcome to the Second Annual Crooked Steeple Literary Festival!

 We look forward to seeing you in February, April, and June this year!

February 24, 2024

Mr. Jimmy from Around the Way & The Emancipation of Evan Walls
by Jeffrey Blount

Mr. Jimmy from Around the Way is Blount’s newest novel, coming January 2024, and is the incredible tale of the rise, fall, and redemption of a black millionaire.

April 27, 2024

The Red Truck Bakery Farmhouse Cookbook
by Brian Noyes

How to make wonderful food from the famous chef of the Red Truck Bakery.  Brian Noyes is charming and his cakes will be featured at the reception!

June 1, 2024

The Great Displacement
by Jake Bittle

The Great Displacement compassionately tells the stories of those who are already experiencing life on the move, while detailing just how radically climate change will transform our lives—erasing historic towns and villages, pushing people toward new areas, and reshaping the geography of the United States.

The inaugural season of the Crooked Steeple Literary Festival featured poet Anne Mugler reading from her debut collection, Additional Possibilities for the Ark, Courtney Maum reading from her memoir, The Year of The Horses, and A.M. Holmes reading from her newest novel, The Unfolding.

The Crooked Steeple Literary Festival is sponsored by Falls Church Presbyterian Church with donations from Bards Alley Bookstore in Vienna, VA and the National Capital Presbytery.
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