Library 2

The FCPC Library serves the staff and the congregation of the church. All are invited to come in and browse. Materials may be checked out for three weeks at a time.

Materials are selected to appeal to students of the Bible and exegesis as well as to readers interested in theology and issues of the church. Offerings include topics such as history, the arts, meditation, worship, and education. In addition, there a number of fiction titles for a more relaxed reading pleasure.

With a conference table at its center, the library is also used as a meeting place for committees and other groups. Comfy chairs near the fireplace invite you to stay and linger a while.

The original fireplace, which had been covered in a previous addition, was uncovered and restored in the 2003 church renovation. 

Children's Corner
AveryReadsThe children’s picture book collection supports the Christian development program and offers materials perfect for sharing between parent and child. Parenting books provide good sources for nurturing our children in a Christian tradition.

In addition, a collection of materials is available for older youth readers.

Audio-Video Materials
There is a limited collection of audio-video materials. Come, look, and listen!

Avery Burns, FCPC Librarian
Carolyn Bruce, Assistant